Dormers change a roof landscape. Since pitched roofs are staging a comeback as design features and since attics are in increasingly utilised for residential space, roof components are increasingly used as design elements.

Inside a building they mark a place of special quality, offering a view, and the possibility of standing in an upright position at a window. On the exterior, dormers and transverse roofs divide the roofs surface, extend vertical divisions of the facade into the roof, or emphasise a special axis of the building.

Using a dormer of a particular shape can be seen as crowning feature of a roof.

There are many different possibilities for designing dormers. The choice of cladding material is an important aspect used to transfer the design intention into the finished building environment.

Here at Edgeform we can talk to you about every aspect of the dormer. As seen on Dermot Bannon's RTE series Room To Improve where he put a dormer on with our specifications, help and detail..