Contractors List

Contractors List

“Cheap labour isn't skilled and skilled labour isn't cheap”

Edgeform Metals Ltd as the sole provider of technical support in Ireland will do so in conjunction with our list of recommended contractors. It is imperative the standard of workmanship is of the very highest quality to Edgeform, Rheinzink, KME, Roofinox and most importantly our customers.

These contractors have completed all the up to date training seminars run by Rheinzink specialist trainers and will give the highest possible standard of workmanship and adhere to Rheinzink specification and details at all times.

This list of our trusted contractors ensure you get the best workmanship and skill set needed to provide great work. We hold regular training courses to keep them up to the highest standards whilst using our materials.

The labour costs of fitting a standing steam roof are expensive, the only way of bringing down the cost of your roof is by using inferior products the only one who gains from this is the builder - not the architects or the customer”

Please Contact us for a approved contractors list.