Roofinox Tin matte

Roofinox Tin matte

Tin weathers to a natural matte patina in an incomparably beautiful gray tone.

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The popular traditional metal for optically appealing and very long-lasting roofs is also frequently used to restore historic roofs. For beauty and great durability. This is why it is therefore perfectly suited for modern roofs – for exactly the same reasons!

Tin matte metal roofs go well with wooden facades because both weather to natural gray tones, producing an organic, aesthetic look.

The weathering process takes around 2 to 3 years. Roofinox Tin matte is usually only used on roofs because a number of builders don’t want a naturally unequally patination, on the facade – this would be impossible to influence.


Technical Facts

  • The patination leads to a gray, natural surface
  • Weathering drives the patination process
  • A tin layer is an excellent addition to the chromium steel
  • More constant prices because nickel-free stainless steel
  • Best solderability due to the tin layer


  • Natural weathering and patination
  • Elegant and natural shades of gray
  • Makes a perfect match with wood facades because both weather naturally
  • Ideal for all roof types, because even patination cannot be guaranteed on facades