Roofinox Spectra

Roofinox Spectra

All benefits of Roofinox stainless steel with a naturally pigmentation.

We have reinvented stainless steel through surface pigmentation – the aesthetics of stainless steel with color combined, without having to forgo the powerfully natural structures and textures. Ideal for combination with every conceivable building material.

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Roofinox Spectra, all of the positive properties of Roofinox stainless steel with a gentle pigmentation. To satisfy the wishes of our customers to express their individuality, we wanted to offer Roofinox stainless steel with all of its advantages in natural colors too.

With Roofinox Spectra, we have managed to achieve a natural color that allows the sophisticated aesthetics of the brush rolling of Roofinox Classic to retain, instead of covering it with a coat of paint.


Technical Facts

  • All of the technical details of Roofinox Classic
  • Natural shades of color on visible stainless steel
  • Made possible by the Roofinox special process for pigmenting stainless steel
  • Easy processing in the building envelope
  • Structured surfaces, beautiful texture
  • Attractive selection of colors for architectonic creations
  • Also solderable


  • All the positive properties of stainless steel in beautiful, natural color tones
  • Not a simple coloration of the aesthetic natural material, but rather gentle pigmentation
  • The attractive stainless steel surface structure of the brushing is still visible
  • Available in Vulcano and Sedona