Roofinox Plus matte

Roofinox Plus matte

The characteristic stainless steel with a robust and hard-wearing nature

Roofinox Plus matte is a ribbed surface through a positiv / negativ embossment. Seen from close up, the decorative ribbed embossing becomes very clear, but it is precisely this relief-like structure that is responsible for the very smooth effect of the roof when viewed from afar. The embossing ensures a highly rigid material.

The result is greatly reduced visibility of waves or dents. And although storms and gales don’t stand a chance against a Roofinox surface, Roofinox Plus matte is even more resistant to visible hail dents. A further positive feature of Roofinox Plus is that even thinner sheets can be used. This results in a price advantage that makes the stainless steel cheaper without having to forgo its outstanding properties and advantages. What’s more, thin sheets have excellent structural properties.

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Technical Facts

  • Ribbed surface through positive / negative embossing
  • Better surface stability
  • Potential cost savings of 20%
  • Visible light refraction for a smooth appearance
  • Even more resistant to hailstones
  • Best solderability despite ribbed embossing


  • Visibly stunning character close up
  • Particularly smooth look from a distance
  • High material strength, dents less visible
  • Excellent structural properties
  • More cost-effective in use thanks to thinner material