Roofinox Dura

Roofinox Dura

Thanks to brilliantly vibrant colors due to the electrochemical coloring of HFX stainless steel. Roofinox Dura gives your house a spectacular appearance – like no one else.

The coloring is done by an electrochemical process which is adapting the transparent chromium oxide layer in it’s thickness. The chromium oxide layer is organically bonded to the stainless steel and elastic. No dyes or pigments are applied to the surface, thus preserving the distinctive structure of the Roofinox HFX stainless steel. The different thickness of the chromium oxide, the light spectrum and the viewing angle results in an extraordinary color effect with Roofinox Dura. This makes your home something very special.

The stainless steel is corrosion resistant, weather and aging resistant. The material can be easily folded by the installer and easily soldered. Roofinox Dura is available in the colors Champagne, Black, Bronze and Rose Gold with a Classic (brush rolled) surface.

 tecu premium


Technical Facts

  • up to 35% softer *
  • Lower tool and machine wear
  • Higher corrosion resistance * due to special production process
  • Best solderability due to special surface structure
  • Very easy to clean


  • Coloured through an electro-colouring process using a transparent chrome oxide layer.
  • The chrome oxide layer is part of the HFX Stainless and elastic.
  • No paints or pigments are applied to the surface.
  • The unrivalled structure of brush-rolled HFX Stainless gives it a special aesthetic.
  • Unusual colour effects that change with lighting and viewing angle.
  • No colour changes due to UV-light.
  • Easy to work and seam.