Roofinox Pearl

Roofinox Pearl

Ultra-matte with an almost soft-looking surface – Roofinox Pearl lets the object really blend into its surroundings.

Roofinox Pearl has a surface that looks like silk. This is due to the surface structure, which, unlike Classic, is produced not from fine lines but from minuscule dots.

The particularly elegant surface finish of Roofinox Pearl is achieved by bead blasting with a specially developed blasting material.

You can only make such a fine surface structure suitable for use on the outside of a building with a great deal of technical effort. The result can be clearly seen and felt.

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Technical Facts

  • Higher corrosion resistance due to special production process*
  • Five times more matte*
  • Best solderability due to special surface structure
  • * Compared to standard 2B/2D stainless steel


  • Silky, non-directional surface structure
  • Bead-blasted with specially developed blasting material
  • Ultra-matt appearance
  • Incredibly unique feel
  • Very easy to clean