Our Partnership

Our Partnership

For 20 years EDGEFORM METALS have been the only partner to Rheinzink in Ireland. We are retained to give all technical support and we hold Rheinzink stocks in our warehouse in balbriggan.

We are Rheinzinks partner in Ireland and have been for 20 year Rheinzink trust us to manage their stocks and do all of the technical back up here in Ireland.

We ensure that all metals that we sell can be traced back to there master coil they came from. So that we can make sure batch numbers match up on roofs and facades. All of our metals are shipped directly from the RHEINZINK factory in Dattlin to the EDGEFORM warehouse, we make they are transported and stored correctly to attire to RHEINZINKS high standards.

Up-to-date information, reports and specialised literature, detailed technical information, dimensions and standard specifications are available from us here at EDGEFORM METALS LTD.