Stainless Steel - Roofinox

Stainless Steel - Roofinox

For those of you who want to know what Roofinox stainless steel is: Roofinox stainless steel is a rust-free stainless steel that has been developed specifically for roofs and facades. This means it has certain properties that simplify processing on the building. For example, it is softer than standard stainless steel and easier to solder. Roofinox’s corrosion resistance is due to a chemical reaction: Because of the chromium content in the stainless steel alloy and in combination with oxygen in the air or even water, a wafer-thin passive layer forms on the surface.

(1) This guards against aggressive substances and ensures that Roofinox stainless steel is rust-free. But is also possible for external effects to damage the stainless steel, resulting in the onset of rust.

(2). However, this is not a problem because the medium that causes the rust can usually be cleaned and removed. This is the advantage of stainless steel:

(3) When the medium in question is removed, the passive layer quickly reforms from the matrix of the stainless steel. The component is fully functional again. The corrosion resistance is primarily created by the chromium content. An increase in corrosion resistance can be achieved using nickel and molybdenum, but also other alloy elements. There are a large variety of rust-free stainless steels on the market today that are tailored to specific applications in very specific alloy variants.


Roofinox stainless steel – The material

A material for roofs and facades, Roofinox stainless steel is nothing less than the evolution of the building envelope. It has been specially developed for use on roofs and facades, and it is unbeatable in terms of durability, practically maintenance-free and good for the environment – allowing you to live carefree for years and years. Roofinox stainless steel fulfills the highest aesthetic demands and retained its stunning look for generations.

Roofinox – The epitome of durability

Roofinox stainless steel really is the epitome of durability – just think of the famous pointed roof in the Chrysler Building, which was finished in 1930 and still looks spectacular. The forerunner of the Roofinox stainless was used here

Roofinox – The pinnacle of sustainability

Roofinox stainless steel even protects the environment while being produced: With the smallest CO2 footprint on the market and comprising of more than 85% recycled material, there is hardly another material with a smaller environmental footprint. The material itself is up to 100% recyclable by the end of its use, which reduces your impact on the next generation.