Roofinox Chroma

Roofinox Chroma

Extraordinary architecture and bold designs – reflective facades merge into their surroundings

Reflections are welcome for some designs. This is where Roofinox Chroma comes in – the stainless steel rolled to a mirror finish. For sensational objects that are unrivaled. While the object is fully immersed in its surroundings by the reflections, this is also precisely why it stands out. For bold and proud designs that do not want to hide.

This reflective surface produces sensational results on facades for bold designs and the latest architectural ideas. Roofinox Chroma has almost the same mirror effect as hand-polished stainless steel, which is only conditionally suitable for outdoor use.

Chroma, on the other hand, has a slightly lower gloss level and but is still reflective, making it perfect for use in architecture. Roofinox Chroma also boasts a very high color fastness, indispensable for long-lasting good looks. The typical stainless steel gray veil is almost non-existent.

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Technical Facts

  • Chroma achieves more than 90% of the mirror effect of manually polished stainless steel
  • Significantly better gray tones ensure more color fastness
  • 30% more gloss (mirror effect)*
  • Very good foldability due to the specific heat treatment
  • Lower machine and tool wear*
  • 50% less roughness*
  • 100% natural surface – reflects as a result of rolling not coating
  • Best solderability
  • * Compared to the standard 2R surface


  • For extraordinary architecture and bold designs
  • Sensational mirror effect
  • Almost the same mirror effect as manually polished stainless steel, but ideally suited for external use
  • Very high color fastness for long-lasting, vivid aesthetics