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Dörken GmbH & Co. KG have been setting the standards in waterproofing and drainage protection for many years. And through their innovative high-tech applications have distinguished themselves by providing the best in reliability, durability and in energy saving potential.

Through partnership with Dörken Edgeform Metals Ltd. are able to provide you a comprehensive range of products which include the Delta Protection Systems.

These include;

• Delta® - Roofing Underlay

• Delta® - Textured Air-Gap Sheet

• Delta® - Façade Membranes

• Delta® - Air and Vapour Barrier Sheets

• Delta® - Radon and CO2 Barrier System

• Delta® - Accessories


• Brochures with detailed product information and technical detail illustrating application techniques are available on request.

• Dörken consultants are available for technical back-up and project specific advice.

Contact our office to learn more or visit the Dörken website

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