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KME TECU® copper is available in a variety of finishes:

  • TECU® Classic, the classic bright copper
  • TECU® Patina, pre-patinated to the distinctive verdigris

  • TECU® Oxid, partly weathered to a chocolate brown pre-oxidised state

  • TECU® Zinnmatt, grey tinned

  • new: gold & bronze
New TECU Gold is a CuAl5-grade copper and aluminium alloy with all the properties and benefits of KME's other copper products. The original golden green colour of the surface goes through characteristic changes when exposed to normal weathering. After the initial matting, a yellow-green oxidation layer gradually emerges, and this changes over time into a soft, bright and lasting golden colour. TECU Gold offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as excellent stability and material rigidity.

TECU Gold on Bon Secours Hospital, Galway, winner of the RIAI award for Best Health Building, 2007. Architects: Murray O'Laoire/Brian McConnell Associates.

Burt Church, Donegal, awarded the RIAI Triennial Gold Medal in 1971 and title of ‘Building of the Century’ in a national poll organised by the RIAI and the Sunday tribune in 1999. The building takes its inspiration from Grianán of Aileach, the Bronze Age fortification that dominates the landscape above Burt. This image illustrates the recently applied bright copper (already partly oxidated) alongside the original naturally patinated copper. With the passage of time, the recently applied copper will develop a verdigris hue to blend in with the original sections. Architects: Corr and McCormick

whites_hotel_wexford_cpd_rs.jpgPre-patinated copper cladding makes a striking impact at Whites Hotel, Wexford.


Copper lends itself particularly well to roofing and cladding because its properties greatly enhance and extend the possibilities of the folded seam technique:

  • high durability due to excellent corrosion resistance
  • complete freedom from underside corrosion
  • good formability even in the most intricately detailed work
  • no impairment of malleability at low temperatures
  • highly economical: no cleaning or maintenance costs
  • harmonises well with other building materials due to its natural patina surface, which increases copper's appeal as it ages.

Product range

Picture of internal_patina_cladding_cpd_rs_100.jpg
The wide range of system elements, including profiled panels and cassettes, shingles and facade tiles, are easy to install and extend design possibilities.

KME also produce TECU® copper rainwater systems with a variety of gutters, downpipes and accessories to complement TECU® roofing and cladding systems.

Copper's warm tactile qualities make it a favourite material with architects also as an interior finish. Pictured left is an entrance foyer clad with Tecu Patina cassettes.


  • Brochures with detailed product information and technical manuals and CDs illustrating application techniques are available on request.
  • KME TECU consultants are available for technical back-up and project-specific advice.
  • Seminars are offered regularly to keep architects up-to-date with the latest developments in the world market.
  • KME run regular training courses at all levels in Germany in the medium of English.


The recycling of copper is as old as the use of copper itself. Recovery rates of nearly 100% are achieved. Due to the continually increasing demand for copper, copper scrap is recycled in the production process and accounts for more than 40% of copper used today.

Recycling copper not only preserves resources, it also conserves energy. Energy savings from the use of recycled material total 80-92% compared with the energy required to produce from primary metal.

Please contact us for further information or visit the KME website at www.kme.com

TECU® Newsletter Update

Today profitable use of the convincing product benefits is also more and more essential for smaller buildings. TECU® Patina is easily shaped and installed, extremely durable, practically maintenance-free, environment friendly and fully recyclable. As maintaining and suitability of value are getting more and more important in addition to aesthetical demands, the product benefits of TECU® Patina are more than decisive for all types of buildings. And after all there are nearly no restrictions to creativity – from window sill to the complete building envelope. TECU® Patina is pre-patinated copper for durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions – a clever investment for the future of any type of building, either big or small.

Using a specially developed industrial process, TECU® copper sheetsare patinated green on one side. This process causes an oxidised layer to form on the surface of the copper – a process similar to the natural patination that occurs over a long period of time when copper is exposed to atmospheric conditions. TECU® Patina is always extremely varied, just as you would expect from a natural surface. The many different colour tones and shades eventually blend together, but only gradually. The unique developments occurring in TECU® Patina are exciting – just as modern architecture should be.

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