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Product range

At RHEINZINK, we strive to provide the best and most innovative solutions, to support the company ethos: ALWAYS BETTER.
Now,RHEINZINK has gone a step further, not only redefining our product line, but expanding it at the same time. The knowledge and experience driving this development is the result of 45 years experience in the manufacture of titanium zinc, backed by thousands of successful projects across the globe, resulting in four different product lines. This provides a unique versatility in the market.

RHEINZINK PROTECT should be the first choice when
it comes to challenging or unusual climatic conditions,such as the tropics, or when it comes to specific applications such as soffit cladding. RHEINZINK PROTECT is available in blue-grey and graphite-grey.
-Protected by a durable transparent coating
- Provides extra resistance in different climatic zones.

The aesthetics of the interior of a building can now be enhanced by the use of RHEINZINK. The preweathered surface of RHEINZINK INTERIEUR in
blue-grey and graphite-grey combine the opportunity
for unique accenting with durability.
-Use in both interior and furniture design
-Timeless, beautiful surfaces

An unlimited variety of colours using RHEINZINK
titanium zinc. Available in a choice of five standard
colours, or specific colours on request.
The colour coating remains true, via a PVDF coating,
whilst maintaining all the positive properties of the
-Unique coating properties
-Proven RHEINZINK quality, now with a colour variant

The original RHEINZINK. Available in natural sheet
metal RHEINZINK-PREPATINA bright rolled, or in the
pre-weathered surface RHEINZINK- PREPATINA bluegreyand RHEINZINK-PREPATINA graphite-grey.
-Natural patina
-25 years experience in the invention and
development of the pre-weathering process

In addition, Rheinzink produces several systems, including:

Picture of d_quickstep_00_rdax_60x60.jpgQUICK STEP - the Rheinzink Stepped Roof is a completely new type of installation system which allows high-quality roof coverings to be installed simply and economically. The step-like structure of the system allows for shapes and forms not previously possible and the plug-in components guarantee quick, easy installation.

Picture of d_rauten_00_rdax_60x60.jpgRheinzink tiles come in square and diamond shape to create reliable and visually appealing solutions when the building shape is geometrically complicated. In contrast to shingles with a similar appearance, they have projecting edges on the front surface and backward-facing edges on the back in the form of simple joints.

Picture of rz_rwater_goods_60x60.jpg
Rainwater systems: Available in bright-rolled or pre-weathered finishes, Rheinzink-massiv roof drainage systems offer a wide range of shapes and individual application options. Click here for more information.

zinc_marine_inst_150pw.jpgThe Marine Institute Headquarters, Galway, winner of RIAI award for Best Accessible Project 2007. Designed with a view to sympathetic relationship with landscape, energy conservation, sustainable design and life-cycle costs. Architect: OPW

Composition of Rheinzink zinc

Rheinzink is a patented alloy of high-grade fine zinc and small amounts of titanium and copper. This unique alloy, together with Rheinzink's stringent manufacturing parameters, give the product specific material properties.

  • Rheinzink is characterized by very high ducility when subjected to all kinds of forming and can be folded 180 degrees without incipient cracking.
  • Rheinzink has high creep resistance.
  • The crystallization limit of the alloy composition is greater than that of unalloyed zinc, giving superior results in soldering.
  • In comparison with unalloyed zinc, the temperature expansion coefficient is reduced.


With the effects of weathering, the surface of Rheinzink develops a protective layer, the patina, which gives it a high resistance to corrosion. Rheinzink may be purchased in its natural bright rolled finish, or pre-weathered to a mellow blue-grey or a darker graphite grey.

While zinc has long been used for roofing prestigious traditional buildings, its appearance is equally well-suited to our modern technological world.


  • Brochures with detailed product information and technical manuals and CDs illustrating application techniques are available on request.
  • Rheinzink consultants are available for technical back-up and project-specific advice.
  • Edgeform Metals hosts the mobile Rheinzink training school each year at a local venue.
    Training courses are offered at all levels in the medium of English.

Please contact us for further information or visit the Rheinzink website at www.rheinzink.co.uk

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