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Durable and requiring no cleaning or maintenance, Rheinzink zinc, KME Tecu copper and Nobelis Falzonal aluminium are extremely cost-effective on a lifecycle basis.
The physical properties of the metals and the double-lock standing seam application with which they are applied make them the materials of choice for fully-supported metal roofs with a pitch below 25 degrees. Under certain circumstances, they may be used on pitches down to 3 degrees. The angled standing seam is also used for roof surfaces with a pitch steeper than 25 degrees.

Horizontal and vertical, tapered and longstrip zinc panels meet perfectly in this complex intersection at the Camphill Adult Education Centre, Glencraig.

Picture of radisson_cpd_rs_125_pw.jpg
Environment-friendly Rheinzink zinc, KME Tecu copper and Nobelis Falzonal aluminium are to-day's alternative to the traditional toxic lead.

While ideally suited to large-scale public and commercial buildings, all of these metals are being specified increasingly for the domestic market. Each of the materials is available in thicknesses from 0.9 to 3.0 mm.

Radisson Hotel, Belfast, featuring KME pre-patinated copper

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Edgeform Metals Ltd. is please to announce that we are now the distributors of Dörken GmbH & Co. KG Products.

We at Edgeform Metals Ltd. have a long standing partnership with Dörken having supplied Delta Trela Underlay for Roofing in Ireland for the past ten years. By expanding on the range of products we can now offer a more inclusive range on Delta Protection Systems along with the existing roofing solutions.

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