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Edgeform Metals is now working in partnership with Endele to bring you insulation materials designed specifically for metal roofs.

Quick, easy and cost-effective, Endele insulation systems are the perfect combination with all our metal roofing products.

The Puren M Endele insulation range is endorsed by Rheinzink and KME for use with their products.

The basic system components are:

  • Puren M Endele Insulation element
  • Puren M Endele DS AL vapour barrier
  • Endele underlayer
  • Endele drainage membrane
  • Endele accessories: PUR in-situ (bottled) foam; fixings; wind-proofing tape
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Puren M Endele insulation element is made from polyurethan (PUR) rigid foam covered either with aluminium or a special fleece, both with integrated multiple layered wooden laths. The wooden laths are designed to aid the mounting of the element on the substructure and serve as the base for fixings for the installation of sheet metal roofing panels on top.

A stepped profile on the long side and a wedge-shaped profile on the ends prevents thermal bridges.

PUR rigid foam is foamed with pentan, a simple hydrocarbon. The material has been independently tested and found to conform to the full range of biological and ecological building health and safety requirements. It has an excellent thermal conductivity and therefore a very high insulation capability, resulting in considerable energy savings.

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